PACKAGE! 2 PACK Psoriazal Plus

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Purpose: skin

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Take care of yourself in the best way - through the irreplaceable natural complex Psoriazal Plus, supporting the functions of the skin and its blood supply. Only now, 2 boxes of Psoriazal Plus, which are quite enough for a two-month healing course per intake, are on a bargain offer.

It's time to say goodbye to psoriatic plaques and feel the joy of soothed skin again.

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Пакет Psoriazal Plus
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The effectiveness of the Sarsaparilla extract is due to the large number of bioactive substances contained in it, such as saponins, steroids and minerals that support the cleansing functions of the body, stimulating the release of harmful substances from it. Sarsaparilla also has a strong anti-allergic, diuretic and hormone-activating action. Therefore, in addition to psoriasis, it is also applied in case of eczema, urticaria and hair loss. It is also used as an immunostimulantwith a general toning effect. The birch leaf extract contains substances due to which comes its strong dermatotonic, drainage and antimicrobial action. The burdock extract is rich in active ingredients that accelerate the growth of new cells in the body, including healthy skin cells. This of theirs is mainly due to the inulin contained in them. They also act anti-allergic, antiseptic and epithelial. The nettle extract includes tannins and protein substances, which is why it has a dermatological, anti-allergic, soothing, antipruritic and anti-sclerotic effect. In turn, common agrimony extract also acts anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial properties.


1 tablet 2 times a day after a meal.
It is recommended that the duration of intake is no less than 3 months.


None known.
Psoriazal Plus is a nutrition supplement and does not cause irritation or hypersensitivity, and it can be taken for a long period. Psoriazal Plus can be taken alone or in combination with medications, prescribed by the doctor.


1 tablet contains:

Sarsaparilla – roots (Extr. Rad. Smilax officinalis) 100 mg, Birch – leaves (Extr. Fol. Betulae albae) 75 mg, Nettle – leaves (Extr. Fol. Urticae dioicae) 25 mg, Burdock – root (Extr. Rad. Bardanae) 25 mg, Common agrimony – stem (Extr. Hrb. Agrimoniae) 25 mg.

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PACKAGE! 2 PACK Psoriazal Plus
PACKAGE! 2 PACK Psoriazal Plus