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Do not miss the opportunity to take care of your liver through our advantageous offer - "Hepatofelin Package", including 2 boxes of Hepatofelin. With its special formula, the product supports the work of the liver and helps it to do its job flawlessly even in the busiest period of the year for it.

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Hepatofelin contains an optimal dose of silymarin, for which there is a scientifically proven effect on liver health:
Prevention and treatment of chronic hepatitis and liver inflammation:
Several different studies have shown that oral intake of silymarin has a beneficial effect on liver enzymes in various types of hepatitis (chronic viral or alcohol-induced).
Prevention and treatment of Liver Cirrhosis, Alcohol Intoxication:
European studies on the treatment of cirrhosis with oral intake of silymarin have shown good results in many of the tested patients, some of whom had been taking the supplement for five years. The damage from alcohol intoxication, the symptom of which is hangover, were positively influenced in the majority of patients that were treated with silymarin for a few weeks.
Hepatic detoxification and regeneration:
There is evidence that the active flavonoids in silymarin help liver cells fight against different toxins. Data about improvement of the hepatic function due to silymarin in patients who have been treated with various liver-damaging medications has also been collected.


2 capsules daily after a meal, for no less than 3 months and without interruption.


None known.

Hepatofelin is a dietary supplement, does not cause irritation and hypersensitivity, and can be taken for prolonged periods of time. Hepatofelin can be taken separately or in combination with medications prescribed by the treating physician.


1 capsule contains: Silybum marianum – extr. of seed, 800 mg/g total silymarin 100 mg, Cynara scolymus L. – extract of overground parts 40 mg, Taraxacum officinale – extr. of roots 30.0 mg, Linseed virgin oil 300.0 mg, Soybean oil, refined) 24 mg.

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PACKAGE! 2 PACK Hepatofelin
PACKAGE! 2 PACK Hepatofelin